About Us



Hi there, I'm Meg. 
I'm the face behind TC Ranchwear. If you message, e-mail, call or text - it's me you're talking to. It's also me packing your order for you!
I started this ''side hustle'' almost 5 years ago, as a way to help pay for show fees & my expensive horse habit. So, basically the same reason 90% of all other equestrians start their businesses. 
I am a proud mom of two...three if you include my husband. Just kidding, he's great. We not only raise Polled Dorset sheep, we also board & care for retired horses which is something I care deeply about. I am also a full time auto damage appraiser - so, I stay pretty busy. 
TC Ranchwear has grown from 12 rags I bought to resell...into an incredible journey of rediscovering my love for design & art. Many of the designs you see on the website are my own. I am also the proud designer behind all of the Baaad Blankets. 
Nothing makes me happier than helping people look and feel their best. Encouraging women and boosting their confidence in and out of the arena is a passion that has slowly grown into what TC Ranchwear has become. I've also had the opportunity to support several organizations, clubs & charities. 
If you're reading this and need any help at all with choosing a rag, setting up your outfit, styling your rag - literally anything - don't hesitate to reach out to me! My contact info is below & I am always here to help.
Stay Wild, 
Meg Hunter, Owner
C: (765) 775-6988