Yard Sale: 38x38-42x42 Boutique Grab Bag (2 Rags)

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**Size: 38x38-42x42 (a few 50") Boutique style 100% Silk Charmeuse 


  1. This listing is for ONE grab bag containing TWO wild rags.
  2. These rags are out of package and will come unfolded.
  3. Minor snags may be present but every rag is very wearable &  only used for display.
  4. These are FINAL SALE - No returns, exchanges, refunds or store credit. 
  5. Every grab bag order includes a FREEBIE.

The TC Yard Sale Rags are all display stock. They've been tossed around in totes & are not all perfect - but, they are all very useable & beautiful.